Key features of Delay Insurance

Flexible Solutions

Flexible product design capabilities based on your business and customer needs.

Companjon underwrites

With an underwriting and reinsurance license, Companjon manages the entire risk for customers.

Automated claims

Our tech and underwriting capabilities enable us to trigger automated claims and issue immediate compensation for customers.

24/7 Customer service

Fully automated customer service that operates 24/7 in multiple languages.

Real time data

Flight journey status is monitored in real-time and API connection for instant policy quotes and issuance.

Seamless experience

Customers will experience a completely hassle-free journey that truly alleviates the frustration that comes with delays.

Insurance Has Never Been This Convenient

Flight Delay Insurance

Ease the stress that a flight delay brings with Companjon's leading Flight Delay Insurance. Unlike traditional insurance, this product monitors the journey status in real-time and covers customers against a flight delay from as early as 30 mins delayed.

When a delay is detected, customers are notified at that exact moment together with the respective compensation they are entitled to, increasing the final compensation payout with every minute of delay after a certain threshold, creating a truly unique and gamified experience.

Rail & Bus Delay

A similar solution concept to our Flight Delay insurance, Rail & Bus Delay is built to cover against delays from these transport modes and also tailored to fit your business and customer needs including be it different cover for each journey destination or dynamic pricing.

Accelerate your potential with game changing insurance

Allow Companjon to build and underwrite digital insurance solutions that unlock your business growth, increase user retention and market differentiation.

Revenue generation

Increase the sales of the underlying business and receive attractive commissions for every policy purchased via your platform. Absolutely no cost risk for you!

Increase customer satisfaction

Address the individual needs of your customer base and bring them peace of mind for their travel experiences, with seamless automated claims processing and instant payouts.

Differentiate from the Competition

Be the market leader by bringing customers flexibility and choice with unique digital-driven embedded insurance solutions for the new generation.

Discover embedded insurance for your business

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