Convenience and flexibility for customers

We help leading Pan-European rail and airline operators further monetise from policies purchased with embedded insurance solutions that are integrated seamlessly into their booking platforms.

Customers have the freedom to select a variety of affordable insurance offerings that they can simply add to their booking upon check-out on your platform, giving them the protection they need in the event plans change unexpectedly.

Your customers will appreciate receiving live push and pull notifications related to their trip, be it a delay or cancellation, so that they can prepare, reschedule or cancel with ease.

Grow your business exponentially

  • Boost ancillary revenue from insurance
  • Differentiate your business from competitors
  • Increase brand loyalty by offering unique insurance
  • Attract new customers and increase returning customers
  • Strengthen retention and conversion
  • Partner with a leading European insurtech who is a fully licensed underwriter & tech distributor
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