Key features of Cancel For Any Reason

Flexible Solutions

Flexible product design capabilities based on your business and customer needs.

Companjon underwrites

With an underwriting and reinsurance license, Companjon manages the entire risk for customers.

Automated claims

Our tech and underwriting capabilities enable us to trigger automated claims and issue immediate compensation for customers.

24/7 Customer service

Fully automated customer service that operates 24/7 in multiple languages.

Easy Integration

Integrating directly into your booking flow, customers will have more flexibility by choosing to add instant insurance coverage to their bookings.

Seamless experience

Customers will experience a completely hassle-free journey that is truly frictionless when it comes to cancelling a booking.

Insurance for an Unpredictable Change of Plans

Cancel For Any Reason

We understand that plans don’t always work out and giving customers complete flexibility to cancel their booked experiences without the need to provide any proof, is the ultimate peace of mind they need.

CFAR allows customers to cancel up to a pre-determined number of minutes before an event is scheduled to start, or a flight or train scheduled to depart. Customers can receive up to 90% of the ticket refund cost.

No Exclusions

Unlike traditional insurance, Companjon's CFAR product brings the flexibility for customers to cancel without any exclusions - meaning there's no need to provide any proof such as medical documents in the event of illness or bereavement for example. It's all about giving customers greater flexibility and confidence when booking experiences.

Accelerate your potential with insurance of a new generation

Allow Companjon to build and underwrite flexible digital insurance and unlock your business growth, client retention and market differentiation opportunities.

Revenue generation

Increase the sales of the underlying business and receive attractive commissions for every policy purchased via your platform. Absolutely no cost risk for you!

Increase customer satisfaction

Address the individual needs of your customer base and bring them peace of mind for their travel experiences, with seamless automated claims processing and instant payouts.

Differentiate from the Competition

Be the market leader by bringing customers flexibility and choice with unique digital-driven embedded insurance solutions for the new generation.

Discover embedded insurance for your business

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