Embedded insurance built to boost your business.

Right there when life happens…

Companjon's mission is to enhance people’s digital lifestyles by offering fast and fully customised embedded insurance when they need it most, on their favourite online booking platforms. We are the safety net and confidence boost customers need when plans don't work out.

...leveraging event-driven interactions across your customer journey

As a B2B2C business, we address the needs of your customers with compelling, must have digital embedded insurance solutions that compliment your current ancillary offerings. Our tailor-made insurance solutions will strengthen your company's market position - be it with safety solutions like flexible cancellation, Covid cover or, eco friendly solutions like green travel, we help you achieve this.

Delight your customers by allowing them to have full control of their cover where they can turn it on/off as they wish. Reinforce their confidence with no-touch automated claims and instant payouts. Companjon helps you set your business apart from competition, significantly grow revenue and tranform how customers view and experience insurance.

...activated through event-driven interactions for retention and loyalty

We reinvent how customers experience insurance with instant EDIs (event-driven interactions). This goes far beyond just purchasing a product, distributing, or even paying out the claim. It's interacting with your customers throughout the entire journey from start to finish - full end-to-end digitization, push and pull notifications, dynamic offerings and pricing, fully triggered automated claims that require no human effort and instant payouts.

Your Companjon when ...

Stand out from your competitors

Enhance loyalty and demand from your customers

Traditional cover and claim settlements are paper-based, tedious and manual. This is where we step in, bringing fully digital add-on solutions for you customers online bookings and purchases.

Our smooth digital claims and instant payout will leave your customers satisfied and likely to buy from your website or app again. For you this means; ● standing out entirely from your competition ● gaining unrivaled customer loyalty ● increasing your own sales by offering unique solutions.

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Who we are

The best of both worlds

We are Companjon – a new and innovative insurtech start-up. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, we operate across Europe. As a well-funded corporate venture with a startup mindset, we combine the best of both worlds.


How do we achieve this?

In collaboration with our world-class team and international partners, we have built a digital, automated insurtech start-up. We offer solutions that are tailored to the needs of our partners’ customers.

Working at Companjon

We are looking for you!

Do you want to help us shape a new digital platform that challenges the status quo?

We are looking for new Companjons who share our vision and want to build the future of Companjon as collaborators. That is why our world-class team works so tirelessly to enhance our service. We believe it takes an overall commitment to culture, operations, and processes that not only help employees thrive, but that also lead to increased productivity, financial performance, and a positive community impact. Our employees are the energy that drives Companjon forward. The wide variety of talents drives our competitiveness and our ability to innovate and scale globally.