Companjon listed on FinTech Global’s annual AIFinTech100, recognizing its use of AI to foster efficiency and innovation

The modern embedded insurance solutions provider was selected by a panel of industry experts and analysts among over 2,000 companies from across the fintech space. The award follows the company’s recent unveiling of their AI-supported dynamic insurance products.

Dublin, June,18 2024 -- Companjon, a leading B2B2C insurtech start-up specializing in fully digital, end-to-end, modern embedded insurance solutions, was recognized today as a trailblazer in the transformation of the financial services sector with its inclusion in the 2024 AIFinTech100 list. The list, published by FinTech Global and now in its fourth year, is an annual award for companies who are using artificial intelligence to foster efficiency and innovation. Decided by a panel of esteemed, researched-centered experts and analysts, Companjon was selected for this year’s list from among 2,000 companies across the industry.

The award follows Companjon’s recent unveiling of its dynamic insurance products, powered by a first-in-market engine that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to create customized insurance offerings. The engine adapts the features of any insurance product – such as underwriting rules, benefit schemes, or claims requirements – based on the unique needs and behaviors of the end customer and the attributes of the insured item. Once curated from tens of thousands of options, the cost of the coverage is optimized and then displayed in the ‘sweet spot’ of the customer journey: the right product, at the right place, in the right place. This capability enables Companjon’s business partners to differentiate themselves from their competitors and maximize their ancillary revenue opportunity with embedded insurance that converts.

Companjon CEO, Matthias Naumann, said: “We are delighted to be included in the AIFinTech100, acknowledged not only as a leader in the insurtech space, but among the most advanced companies in the larger financial services industry. Our dynamic product engine, which can be applied to any embedded P&C product, is evidence of the impact artificial intelligence can have on the future of insurance. I am proud to say that artificial intelligence is an important strategic pillar at Companjon, making Companjon a stronger place with smarter solutions every day.”

FinTech Global CEO, Richard Sachar, said: “We congratulate Companjon on their inclusion in the 2024 AIFinTech100 list, representing the insurance and insurtech sector in the transformation of financial services. Companjon is breaking the boundaries of what insurance can do with its first-in-market, AI-supported dynamic embedded insurance that not only leads to healthier businesses and happier customers, but more balanced risk portfolios for underwriters as well. We applaud their forethought in the space and look forward to seeing what they accomplish next.”

Companjon, started in 2020, partners with businesses in the travel, mobility, events and entertainment, e-commerce, fintech, and telecommunications sectors. In 2023, the company generated over 33 million transactions for its globally recognized business partners which include the world’s largest travel-related experience provider and one of Europe’s largest transportation ticket resellers, and has recently started serving US-based customers of those business partners.

About Companjon

Companjon is a leading B2B2C insurtech start-up specializing in end-to-end modern embedded insurance that’s fully digital, dynamic, and frictionless. Companjon enables businesses to drive more value by delighting their customers, enabling the ultimate in flexibility and convenience, and driving ancillary revenue. ancillary revenue opportunities. Companjon designs, builds, and underwrites its solutions on a 100% cloud-based platform that can issue 32,000 policies per second, integrate API gateways easily, and leverage artificial intelligence. Companjon has been consistently recognized as one of the world’s most innovative insurtechs by FinTech Global (2021-2023).

Companjon seeks to change the way people think about insurance by creating seamless and positive experiences when things don’t go as planned: being right there when ‘life’ happens. The company is registered in Ireland and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Learn more about Companjon here.  

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