Fast and easy integration with minimal effort on your part

Our highly attractive insurance solutions are fully complementary to your current offerings, built to positively impact your bottom line and deliver an unmatched, event-driven customer journey.

Our best-in-class technology allows us to do the unthinkable

  • Capable of processing 32,000 policies per second
  • Can integrate with you and third party providers through tailored API gateways
  • 100% cloud-based & GDPR compliant
  • Flexible product design allowing for fast development and changes
  • The highest level of security with our globally recognized cybersecurity partner

Enrich your offerings and differentiate from competitors

From classic insurance products to products that are designed around today's digital lifestyle, there's something for everyone. Fully parametric, dynamic and real-time offerings that help drive customer convenience and satisfaction. Companjon is flexible with white labelling and can tailor make products that best match your offerings.

Discover embedded insurance for your business

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