Convenience and choice for customers

Whether you're a neobank, traditional bank or digital payment platform, you have the opportunity to monetise your user base with unique insurance solutions that integrate seamlessly into your platform.

We cater our solutions to your current business setup - as digitally as you like. Through event-driven interactions, your business will be the sole interface your users interact with.

From plugging into your entire journey, through push and pull notifications, dynamic offerings, automated claims and instant payouts, you're guaranteed an increase in card usage, customer retention and loyalty.

Grow your business exponentially

  • Increase customer interaction and card usage
  • Boost profitability
  • Shift to an insurance profit center model
  • Differentiate your platform from the competition
  • Grow brand loyalty
  • Increase event-driven interaction frequency
  • Strengthen retention and conversion

Game changing insurance for Fintech & Neobanks

Discover embedded insurance for your business

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