Inside Companjon - Danielle Reid

As part of our new blog series, we're sitting down (virtually) with some star employees, who share all things on what it's like to work at Companjon, what's happening behind the scenes and honest experiences. This week we spoke to our CEO's Executive Assistant (EA), Danielle Reid. Danielle's skills and prior international experience led her to the role as EA to Companjon’s CEO and Executive Team.

Hi Danielle, tell us what made you want to join Companjon?

There were many reasons, but top of mind was building something from scratch and being part of the journey from the very beginning. As one of the first joiners, it has been amazing to watch how far the company has grown in terms of employees, development, infrastructure and awareness. Prior to Companjon, I came from a very corporate structure financial company in Toronto, where there was a big hierarchy. Here, you can approach all levels, and everyone is happy to have a coffee chat and discuss any questions you may have.

Is working here different to what you expected?

I'm sure I'm not the first to say it, but 100 percent yes! Joining a startup venture was new for me as my experience has been predominantly with large corporate firms. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed. It was more fast-paced than I had anticipated and very dynamic. The high energy and agile structure definitely creates a fun work environment.

So, you’re the EA to our CEO, sounds busy! Can you briefly tell us what that involves?

The core aspect of my role is to ensure that all components of the business work well together. I manage the day-to-day activities of our CEO, Executive Team Members and other business activities that involve a lot of liaising and coordinating. When you work in a start-up tech environment, system skills, proactiveness and being able to thrive under challenges are so important. I have a lot of oversight into the operations of the company so it’s quite rewarding when things run smoothly and are well received.

What has been your career highlight at Companjon so far?

Most definitely establishing our HQ office in Dublin. I didn’t expect to have the level of responsibility as I did, like overseeing items on the legal side, choosing the right location and building, leading the designs, working with so many stakeholders, and bringing the Companjon hub to life. While it was hard work, it was super rewarding and fulfilling to be part of such a pivotal company milestone.

And what's your favourite area in the office?

I love the break-out and games room - I predict a lot of fun collaboration and exciting projects will happen there once things get back to normal.

How would you describe the Companjon family in 3 words?

Fun, energetic, ambitious :)

If you could switch places with someone for a day who would it be?

Beyoncé because well, who wouldn’t? (laughs)

Any last words for anyone interesting in joining Companjon?

Our company culture is what makes Companjon, we work so well together, laugh a lot and have fun at the same time. Everyone is encouraged to express their opinion and get involved within all different areas of the business. It’s a great opportunity to not only grow in your career, but be yourself, bring ideas forward and express your own opinion.